Have your cryptoelemental mineral rights on the blockchain

Everything in the world consists of elements that are all starting points. We want to create a world for all users from the beginning of the element.

We will provide the corresponding element of mineral rights, when you have this power, you will be able to have a stable output of the elemental currency in the future.

Each element has only one mineral rights in the world, even if it is owned by others, and you can buy it at a slightly higher price.

While others will take away the mineral rights you own, you will have more ETHs.

New element will be unlocked one by one until all the elemental minerals are fully open.


Possess limited elemental tokens on the blockchain

Each mine will start producing elemental tokens after reaching certain conditions, and the output rate will be half-decayed every two months. Much like bitcoin, the only difference is that you do not need to buy a miner and do not need power, as long as you own the mineral rights. And the number of elemental coins will be very small, we expect only 1000,000 per element.

Note that the output elemental tokens, you need to collect their own wallet in a timely manner. Otherwise, the next buyer will have both your elemental mineral rights and the uncollected elemental coins.


The future of element token has unlimited possibilities

We will follow up with the contractual content on various blockchains around the elemental composition.

For example: 2H2 + O2 = Ignition = 2H2O Hydrogen and oxygen can be burned to generate water. Water can make a variety of things, you can make wine, make juice, without you can not do, only you can not think of.

This will be a completely open base world, we will open the API port, so that more development team imagination, the use of elemental currency combination of infinite possibilities.